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Nivada international

is your reliable partner for the Asiatic production of unique, custom manufactured, high quality products and product lines.

Its parent company Vaessen Creative has introduced a wide range of over 100,000 colourful and high quality products for the international creative and hobby industry, in close collaboration with Darice USA. If you require an addition or amendment to an existing product (for example, printing or corporate logo) or if you would like to have a product developed that does not yet exist, then Nivada International are the right people for the job.

Independent purchasing offices and quality controllers in Asia mean that Nivada International is able to supply every required product. Nivada International combines European design and taste with the ‘safe deal of the Far East trade’, linking European trade and legislation with the boundless production options of Asia.
Everything is possible! Challenge us with your product need(s) and you will be surprised at our innovative solutions and options. All factories meet the highest quality standards, of course, and all have international quality control, environmental and safety requirements. As well as this, you can count on a satisfaction guarantee.

Nivada International’s clients vary from mid-sized companies and establishments to large retailers and multinationals across countless sectors. Nivada International understands how important it is to distinguish yourself, to be noticed and to produce and communicate in an innovative and refreshing way. This is why all of our expertise is in house, from design to packaging; all with your needs as a starting point. Everything can be created and supplied: from private label products to eye-catching gimmicks as well as complete custom made product lines based on your individual ideas. Reliable, fast and expert.